Services of Iran & Britain Joint Chamber of Commerce

1. Strengthening the network of members willing to do business with the UK and vice versa

2. Providing economic information and statistics needed to do business with the UK

3. Inviting members willing to be in the missions to the UK in order to take part in the related events

4. Inviting members to receive UK missions coming to Iran

5. Holding free gatherings in order for the members to get to know each other

6. Introducing members to UK economic institutions especially British Iranian Chamber of Commerce

7. Introducing members to exploit British legal services.

8. Introducing and supporting members to obtain UK visa

9. Providing translator and interpreter

10. Providing British businesspeople with postbox

11. Receiving members willing to be in the specialist commissions of the chamber

12. Preparing and publishing the chamber’s electronic monthly newsletter including the month’s talk and short economic news from Iran, the UK and the world

13. Presenting the news of the chamber’s meetings and measures in the newsletter

14. Running the chamber’s website including special content for the chamber

15. Preparing the list of current legal and natural members, and putting it on the website

16. Printing and publishing informative booklets such as: A Quick Glance at the UK, IBCCIM and Foreign Investment, Formalities of Establishing a Company in the UK, Formalities of Import and Export, Foreign Trade between Iran and the UK, Top 10 Major British Cities, British Tourism Centres, Major British Economic Centres, Museums of the UK, Major UK Universities, British Religious Centres

17. Holding Business English classes